Join Us Monday, April 20th, 2020.

4pm EST / 1pm Pacific – 2018 Boston Marathon hosted by Coach Ben and Scott Smith

7pm EST / 4pm Pacific – 2019 Boston Marathon hosted by Coach Ben and Scott Fauble

Timeline (all times EST):

4:00pm: The Show Begins!!

Tune in to the Olympic Channel to watch the re-airing of the 2018 Boston Marathon (AKA the crazy rainy year, AKA the Des Linden year)

Watch along with us LIVE on the HOKA NAZ Elite Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.

Join in on the fun by commenting on FB or YouTube. Ask questions of our hosts, and our guests. But mostly, just have fun watching a couple of awesome Boston Marathons!!

4:00: SHOW BEGINS – Ben Rosario and Scott Smith kick off our coverage with Scott’s own thoughts on that wild day. 

4:30pm: GUEST – Kellyn Taylor. Kellyn came to the 2018 Boston Marathon in amazing shape but the cold rain got the best of her and she was forced to drop out at 20k.

5:00pm: GUEST – Mario Fraioli. Mario is a running journalist, coach…and runner. He ran the 2018 race and has an awesome tale to tell. 

5:30pm: GUEST – Erin Strout. Erin is one of the premiere running journalists in the country and covers Boston every year. We’ll get her insight into what it was like to write about this particular year.

5:45pm: GUEST – Paul Swangard. Paul had the privilege of doing play-by-play for the race. We want to know how they handled the weather in the booth, and what he was thinking as an American ran down Boylston St. in the lead. 

6:00pm: GUEST- Shadrack Biwott. “Shaddy” battled the conditions to finish third in this race. We’ll ask him how the heck he did it.

6:15pm: GUEST- Tyler Pennel. Tyler finished fourth, but with a very different strategy than Shaddy. And his whole team had a great day. We’ll find out what they did right. 

6:30pm: GUEST – Josh Cox. We’ll finish up the coverage with the man who has more insight into Des Linden’s historic win than just about anybody- her longtime agent, Josh Cox. 

7:00pm: The re-airing of the 2019 Boston Marathon (AKA the year where Scott Fauble and Jared Ward both run 2:09)

7:00pm: Scott Fauble joins the program!

7:00pm: GUEST – Tatyana McFadden. One of the greatest pushrim athletes of all-time, Tatyana joins us to talk about her 15-minute plus victory in 2018. How did she deal with that weather?

7:20pm: GUEST – Carrie Tollefson. Carrie was on the call for this one and predicted Faubs would have a big one. What did she know beforehand?

7:30pm: GUEST – Jonathan Gault. Jonathan is the head writer for the famed website, He has the somewhat unenviable task of making the LetsRun predictions. We’ll ask him what he thought going into this year’s race. 

7:45pm: GUEST – Greg Meyer. The 1983 Boston Champ, Greg spent 31 years as “the last American man to win Boston” before Meb took that title away in 2014. We’ll ask him about all things Boston.

8:00pm: GUEST – Dathan Ritzenhein. Dathan’s career needs no introduction. He’s one of the best Americans ever. But we’ll dig into the role he played helping Faubs for much of the first half of this race. 

8:30pm: GUEST – Jared Ward. Another athlete who needs no introduction. Jared and Faubs will forever be connected after smashing the 2:10 barrier on the same day. We’ll have him give us a first-hand account. 

9:00pm: GUEST – Stephanie Bruce. Steph will give us a different view of the race; that of a teammate watching from home. When you know how fit someone is, it’s nerve-racking watching them race. We’ll get her always candid thoughts. 

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