2020 Trials: The Road I Traveled

As I crossed the finished line, the disappointment of 6h place grabbed hold of me. Then I saw Aliphine had won, and Kellyn came racing in shortly after me. And we embraced and it was beautiful and satisfying. I then saw 2 faces, yelling “MOMMY.” I cried in the tent. With the mylar blanket wrapped around me and the boys enjoying their lollipop I wondered is that it? Is this the end of my quest? I had so many people in my corner, and Ben gave up and devoted so much time and energy over the last 3 months. We made a pact called Team Bruce, so mom could have the time and space to recover. But I felt failure on my end. I didn’t make the team. As other women walked by in the tent, some stopped and gave me hugs and offered words of encouragement. And for an instant I saw what they saw.


PC: Carrie Cox

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