Lauren v Rory


Wednesday, April 29, 2020 | 9:45am pacific
Lake Mary Road
Lauren Paquette v Rory Linkletter in the NYRR Virtual 5k

HOW IT WORKS: In accordance with social distancing guidelines, Lauren and Rory will each run an all-out 5k at 7,000 feet of elevation on Lake Mary Road. Same course, same day, but solo. We will give Lauren a 2-minute handicap. So in order for Lauren to win she has to run within two minutes of Rory’s time. For Rory to win he has to run more than two minutes faster than Lauren’s time. Make sense?

TO ENTER: Head over to the HOKA NAZ Elite Instagram account HERE and leave your prediction in the comments. Simply name your winner and the winning time (minus two minutes in Lauren’s case).

Example One:
Lauren – 14:20.7* (meaning you think she’ll run 16:20.7 and Rory will run slower than 14:20.7)

Example Two:
Rory- 14:25.3* (meaning you think Rory will run 14:25.3 and Lauren will run slower than 16:25.3)

*must enter the time to the tenth of a second to help us avoid ties!!

RULES: All entries must be received before 9am pacific on Wednesday, April 29. One entry per Instagram handle. If you enter more than once you will not be eligible to win. HOKA, Rudy Project and Final Surge employees can enter but will not be eligible to win the prize package. HOKA NAZ Elite athletes and coaches can enter but will not be eligible to win the prize package.

HOW TO WIN: The winning entry must pick the winner of the race (Lauren or Rory) correctly. Then closest time wins. In the case of a tie, the winner will be selected randomly between all entries that were tied.

PRIZE PACKAGE: Winning entry will receive one FREE pair shoes from HOKA ONE ONE, one FREE pair of sunglasses from Rudy Project and one FREE NAZ Elite training plan from Final Surge.

SIGN UP YOURSELF: We encourage all of you to sign up to compete in the NYRR Virtual 5k! Sign up HERE and please consider donating to the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund through the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City HERE.

HOW TO WATCH: Go to the NAZ_Elite Instagram page. We will be LIVE at 9:55am to follow along for the final mile of Lauren’s race, followed by the final 10 minutes of Rory’s race.

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