NAZ Elite exists because our athletes perform at a high level all over the world, and we bring our fans along for the ride by sharing each athlete’s journey during every step of the process. Those performances and that sharing create value for our corporate partners. The funding we receive from our partnerships, and the care we receive from our support staff, give the athletes everything they need to succeed, which brings us back to the top–a full circle in constant motion.

It Takes A Village

Ben and Jen Rosario launched NAZ Elite in 2014 out of their own pockets. For more than a full year, they funded the entire organization from travel to gear, to athlete bonuses, and more. In 2015, when HOKA came on board as the Team’s title sponsor, the group immediately went to the next level. Since that time both HOKA, and NAZ Elite, have grown together.

HOKA became the fastest running shoe company in history to reach $1 billion dollars in sales, and as of January 2024 NAZ has produced 18 National titles, 13 World Marathon Major top tens, 6 International Medals, and an Olympic Trials Marathon champion.

As NAZ Elite looks to the future, the Team will undoubtedly need continued support from its current partners and seeks new sponsors that want to be a part of the build-up to the 2024 Paris Olympics and eventually the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.



Hoka Logo


HOKA is NAZ Elite’s title sponsor. They are the primary source of our funding, and thus of our overall success. They are the fastest-growing running shoe brand in history, providing the world with the most comfortable, innovative shoes on the market–helping human beings across the globe to “fly over the earth.”

Rudy Project Logo

Rudy Project

Rudy Project is the official performance eyewear provider of NAZ Elite. Their cash sponsorship contributes to our general fund, and their product keeps us from wincing in the Arizona sun. Rudy Project eyewear and helmets can be seen on many of the world’s best runners, triathletes and cyclists, and for good reason. Endurance athletes of all ages and abilities choose Rudy Project for its function as well as its fashion.

Final Surge Logo

Final Surge

Final Surge is our longtime online coach/athlete training platform provider. Their cash sponsorship contributes to our general fund, and their product gives our coaching staff the smoothest way to communicate with our athletes available in the endurance world today.

In both 2017 and 2018, we were the recipients of funding from the Houston Marathon Foundation. Those funds allowed us to boost our travel budget in 2017 which, among other things, allowed us to send three athletes to St. Moritz, Switzerland for two weeks to adjust to the time change before the Frankfurt Marathon (where they all ran well!). In 2018, the funds allowed us to purchase a sauna and add comprehensive blood testing to the amenities we offer our athletes. Thank you Houston Marathon Foundation!

In February of 2016, Running USA presented the prestigious Allan Steinfeld Development Award to our team at their annual conference. We were pumped! The award comes with a $25,000 grant that we’ll use over the course of 2016. In particular, we will use it on travel to send our athletes to the meets and races that will help them take the next steps in their careers. Thanks Running USA!!

In both 2015 and 2016 we were fortunate enough to be one of the U.S. distance groups to receive the New York Road Runner’s Champion’s Circle Grant. The 2015 grant money was put into our general fund which helps us with travel, massage/chiropractic work, housing stipends, etc. We have earmarked the 2016 funds to help us with our trip to Oregon for the Olympic Track and Field Trials.

In 2015 our friends at the Road Runners Club of America chose our group as one of five teams to receive a $5,000 grant for continued development. Like the NYRR grant, the money was put straight into our general fund which helps us with travel, massage/chiropractic work, housing stipends, etc. Over the years, several of our athletes have also received the RRCA “Roads Scholar” grant which goes to up-and-coming U.S. distance runners with a focus on road racing.


OUR Support Team

HOKA NAZ Elite has an amazing support team in Flagstaff that keeps us healthy, strong, and mentally ready to compete at the highest level.

Hypo2 Chiropractic

Hypo2 Sport has been integral to NAZ Elite’s success since the team’s inception in 2014. Brothers A.J. and Wes Gregg serve as our official chiropractors. Over the course of our time with them, A.J. and Wes have become the premier physios in all of Flagstaff–working with athletes from all over the globe who come here to train, as well as with members of the overall Flagstaff running community.


NAZ Elite Strength and Conditioning Coach

NAZ Elite Massage Therapists

NAZ Elite Physical Therapists

Shannon Thompson

Shannon Thompson serves as the NAZ Elite mental sports performance specialist. She works with our athletes on the mental aspects of competing professionally and has helped us prepare for some of the biggest competitions in all of running including the World Championships, the Olympic Trials, and the Olympic Games. Shannon also works closely with a variety of athletes in Flagstaff including the highly successful Northern Arizona University cross country and track teams.

Diablo Burger

Diablo Burger is NAZ Elite’s official gourmet burger partner here in Flagstaff. Serving the best burgers in town, our athletes love to refuel at Diablo after a hard workout or after a grueling long run. Diablo, located in the heart of downtown, has become a bucket list restaurant for Flagstaff tourists from all over the world.



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