Who, what, where, when, and why?

That’s the plan over the next month.
June 10: 3000msc Portland Track Festival
June 21: 10,000m USA Championships Des Moines, Iowa
July 8: USA Mountain Running Championships (LOON Mountain Race)

Who: That’s me, I am finally ready to race. How I do will remain to be seen, but at some point you have to put yourself out there and take a risk. I have on average race 15+ times a year since the year 2000 (when I graduated High School). Very grateful to race so many years without significant injury, but I got one last year and June 2017 was my last competitive race. So these next 3 races are for me, not for money, not for bragging rights, simply to get back out and race. Honestly, I don’t know how these races will go, and that provokes a lot of feelings, nerves, excitement, and fear.

What: As mentioned above, 3 races, all very different, all with a different goal.
Portland Track Festival: 3000m steeplechase
USA Track Championships: 10,000m (aka 25 laps)
USA Mountain Running Championships: 6.6miles 3200ft elevation gain


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