Photo Essay – Buffalo Park by Matt Baxter

The sun was shining and so too was Tyler’s hair on this beautiful morning at Buffalo Park.


Even though Nick only had a 4 mile steady state on the schedule, staying hydrated is always a good idea.


With his neck protected by those glorious locks and every inch of exposed skin lathered with SPF 50 sunscreen, Tyler was ready to keep us company for our first workout of the segment.


Nick can’t help but laugh seeing how goofy Tyler looks riding around.


It’s hard to tell whether it’s the beauty of Flagstaff that takes our breath away, or the 7200ft of elevation at Buffalo Park.


Subbing in for Tyler up the big hill, Coach Ben has to keep his head down and legs pumping to make it to the top with us.


The only time you ever see Tyler behind a group at Buffalo Park is when he is about to pass them—maybe even lap them.


Side by side, we come through to finish off our second 2-mile loop.


After dropping off Nick, I continue on for another lap to get in a 6 mile steady state on the day.


One final hill before I call it a day. Unsurprisingly, I leave Tyler in the dust. Just like our college days.


I ended up averaging 5:15 for 6 miles with Nick averaging 5:17 for 4 miles. Both of us have big goals for the fall and the work towards those goals is only just beginning!


words by Matt Baxter

photos by Jen Rosario

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