Aliphine’s Big Workout Photo Essay

all photos below courtesy of Elliott Portillo. Follow Elliott: @smelliott_id99 on Twitter and Instagram

Two weeks out from the biggest race of her life, Aliphine Tuliamuk ran the biggest workout of her training segment: 15 miles at marathon effort on Lake Mary Rd. (Ben Bruce on pacing duty)


When Ben’s day was done, teammate Nick Hauger took over on the bike, with Aliphine in tow.


The goal was to run race day marathon effort (no faster) and to practice takings fluids and gels (seen here) to simulate the race as best as possible.


We also needed to practice wearing the same shoes and socks Aliphine will be wearing on race day.


Coach Ben Rosario prescribed 5:45 per mile, but Aliphine was a touch fast most of the way.


Aliphine checking her watch down the final stretch. She ran her final two miles in 5:31 and 5:36 to finish in 1:25:18 (5:41 average overall).


Mini fist pump! (Videographer Scott Barker capturing the moment. Scott made an awesome video out of this session as well)


Her day wasn’t done though! A few hours after the workout it was over to the weight room under the guidance of Hypo2’s AJ Gregg.


Thanks Elliot!!
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