2022 Fantasy XC Draft!

Happy NCAA Cross Country week! In advance of the Championships, we hosted a Fantasy XC Draft and recorded it on a special edition of the Midday Treat with NAZ Elite Podcast hosted by me (Ben Rosario) and featuring coach Jenna Wrieden, Krissy Gear, Olin Hacker and surprise guest Kyle Merber of Citius Mag. You can listen to the episode HERE or watch it on YouTube below. If you listen, we apologize in advance for the butchering of any names and for any dumb picks we may have made as I sprung this on everyone a few hours before we recorded. And before you check out the final picks, just a quickie tutorial on how it worked:

We picked the order of the draft randomly.

For the women’s race it was Krissy, Ben, Olin, Kyle, Jenna. For the men’s race it was Olin, Krissy, Kyle, Jenna, Ben. The draft was “snake” style (ex: in the women’s race it went Krissy, Ben, Olin, Kyle, Jenna, Jenna, Kyle, Olin, Ben, Krissy, Krissy, Ben, Olin, Kyle, Jenna…and so on).

Once an athlete was picked, that athlete was off the board and could not be picked again.
We did seven rounds total so we all ended up with teams of 7.

Our first 5 athletes will score. And we use their overall place, not their “team” place.

Lowest score wins.

Tiebreaker: 6th runner

Prize: Bragging rights for all eternity!!


Katelyn Tuohy, NC State
Kaylee Mitchell, Oregon State
Hilda Olemomi, Alabama
Gracelyn Larkin, New Mexico
Amaris Tyynismaa, Alabama
Amilia Mazza-Downie, New Mexico
Perri Bockrath, Kentucky

Parker Valby, Florida
Isabel Van Camp, Arkansas
Olivia Markezich, Notre Dame
Katie Osika, Michigan St.
Maggie Donahue, Georgetown
Gracie Morris, TCU
Izzy Thornton-Bott, Oregon

Mercy Chelangat, Alabama
Taylor Roe, Oklahoma St.
Maia Ramsden, Harvard
Everlyn Kemboi, Utah Valley
Aubrey Frentheway, BYU
Bailey Hertenstein, Colorado
Vivian Hacker, Wisconsin

Natalie Cook, Oklahoma St.
Ceili McCabe, West Virginia
Samantha Bush, NC State
Addie Engel, Ohio St.
Billah Jepkirui, Oklahoma St.
Emily Venters, Utah
Emma Heckel, New Mexico

Kelsey Chmiel, NC State
Elise Stearns, Northern Arizona
Olivia Howell, Illinois
Chloe Hershenow, Tulsa
Zofia Dudek, Stanford
Lauren Pellicoro, Portland
Annabel Stafford, Colorado St.

Krissy – 56
Olin – 64
Kyle – 68
Ben – 100
Jenna – 187


Alex Maier, Oklahoma St.
Bob Liking, Wisconsin
Victor Kiprop, Alabama
Acer Iverson, Harvard
Carter Solomon, Notre Dame
Victor Shitsama, Oklahoma St.
Kirami Yego, South Alabama

Nico Young, Northern Arizona
Casey Clinger, BYU
Dylan Jacobs, Tennessee
Parker Wolfe, North Carolina
Liam Murphy, Villanova
Michael Power, Tulsa
Christian Allen, BYU

Charles Hicks, Stanford
Ky Robinson, Stanford
Aaron Bienenfeld, Oregon
Barry Keane, Butler
Graham Blanks, Harvard
Shay McEvoy, Tulsa
Joey Nokes, BYU

Duncan Hamilton, Montana St.
Brian Fay, Washington
Yaseen Abdalla, Tennessee
Meika Beaudoin-Rousseau, Stanford
Nick Scudder, Charlotte
Patrick Kiprop, Arkansas
Arjun Jha, Michigan

Drew Bosley, Northern Arizona
Isai Rodriguez, Oklahoma St.
Brandon Garnica, BYU
Cole Sprout, Stanford
Hillary Cheruiyot, Alabama
Sam Gilman, Air Force
Tom Brady, Michigan

Kyle – 48
Krissy – 69
Olin – 125
Ben – 149
Jenna – 202

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