Weekend Photo Essay #2

A big thanks to photographer Richie Bertrand, who joined us this past weekend (January 10 and 11). As a thank you to Richie we created a couple of photo essays from each of the workouts he shot. The second of the two workouts was one of our classic Marathon sessions; the Tempo/Long/Tempo featuring Ben Bruce, Stephanie Bruce, Scott Fauble, Scott Smith, Kellyn Taylor, Aliphine Tuliamuk, Kellyn Taylor, and Sid Vaughn. Enjoy!!

The first was on the indoor track and can be seen HERE.

The workout was devised by this guy, Coach Ben Rosario. It consists of 4 miles at marathon effort* (Men: 5:10 and Women: 5:40, straight into 10 miles steady (Men: 6:00 and Women: 6:30) with miles 3, 6, and 8 back at marathon effort. Then, it’s straight back into 4 more miles at marathon effort, though the group picked it up a bit today at the end. So 18 straight miles. 2 mile warmup and 2 mile cool-down for 22 on the day. *Remember our times are slower than our actual marathon pace because we’re at 7,000 feet.

A workout like this is very specific to the marathon so we practice taking the same fluids we’ll use on race day.

Scott Fauble and Sid Vaughn were without their buddy, Scott Smith, for this one. Scott had to be with family this weekend back in California.

Faubs wore the Carbon Rocket–the same shoe he ran 2:09:09 in back in April at the Boston Marathon.

Aliphine was all smiles today! And notice she’s sporting her very own Ali T Resiliency Beanie.

Ben Bruce was on pacing duty. Kellyn had her best workout of the training segment so far.

Steph has been our steadiest performer this entire segment. She’s in the best shape of her life.

Sid has been crushing everything lately and led much of the first half of this workout.

This was right before Ben’s pacing duties ended. The women ran their last 3 miles without him in 5:36, 5:31 and 5:30.

Faubs ran his last 4 miles in 20:12.

Sid was just 10 seconds back. And then….

Thanks for following along everyone. Onward!!

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