NYC 1/2 Pre-Race Interview

Interviewer- So, I’m sitting down with Scott Fauble, runner for Northern Arizona Elite and Hoka One One ahead of the New York City ½ Marathon. Scott, welcome to New York, how’s it going?

Scott Fauble- It’s going great, thanks for having me!

Int- Well, technically you’re having yourself on this interview because I am a fake personality you created because you weren’t asked to do any real interviews but still want attention.


Int- So, let’s dive right in, this past week it was announced that NAZ Elite and Hoka One One have extended their partnership into the future. Does that business stuff impact your day to day life? And if so, what were the feelings that you had when you heard that the deal had been finalized.

SF- It’s super exciting to have the support of Hoka One One continue going forward. They’ve been a great sponsor for the past 2 and a half years. In fact, in the past year, the Hoka One One innovation team has come to Flagstaff a few times and we’ve been able to preview and contribute to the process of creating some of the new shoes that Hoka is working on. So, that’s cool and exciting that they value our opinions and want to include us in the trajectory of the brand.

To answer the second half of the question, the business stuff isn’t something I worry about on a daily basis, I try to put my head down and just work hard and race well and if you do that it will work itself out, especially if you have a good agent like Josh Cox who represents me. But, it was still really great when we heard that the deal between NAZ Elite and Hoka One One was finalized because at the end of the day, this is a job and it’s super cool and important to get paid for my skill so I can buy things and pay my rent. So, I’m very grateful to have the stability that Hoka as our title sponsor provides.

And the timing couldn’t be better since Hoka just came out with their new Fly Line with the Cavu, the Mach, and the Evelon. All of which I like very much.


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