NAZ Workouts: Speed/Tempo/Hills

THE DETAILS: 16 x 200 with 200 jog recovery, 3-5minutes rest, 3mile Tempo Run, 3-5 minutes rest, 8 x 30-second hills with a jog back down for recovery.

AN EXAMPLE: Early in her buildup toward the 2022 TCS NYC Marathon Aliphine Tuliamuk is working on her speed and power before she gets into the heart of marathon training. She did this session about 12 weeks out from the race on the famous Lake Mary Rd. in Flagstaff. She ran her 200s

QUOTES: “I definitely get more nervous [for a workout like this] because speed has never been my thing. And so today I told myself that I just needed to be positive because in a race I’m going to need to probably run as fast as this at some point.”  – Aliphine

HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF: There is nothing terribly special about the exact details of this workout. Rather, we hope the takeaway is that there is no reason every hard session you do has to stay in only one training zone, or work on only one specific thing. In the workout video below you’ll see Aliphine running roughly her mile/3k race effort on the 200s, then her half marathon effort on the 3-mile tempo run, and finally you’ll see some nearly all-out sprinting on the 30-second hills. She accomplished an awful lot in this one workout, and so can you!

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