NAZ Workouts: 4 x 3 Miles

THE DETAILS: 4 x 3 miles at marathon pace/effort or slightly faster with 2 minutes rest.

AN EXAMPLE: As Julia Griffey prepares for the 2022 USATF Marathon Championships, she has been doing a lot of workouts like this one that involve roughly 12 miles of work at her goal marathon pace. This was a tough one!

QUOTES: “How’d you feel on that last one.” – Ben Bruce. “I felt like crap” – Julia

HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF: If you are preparing for a marathon, this is a great session. And if 4 x 3 miles seems a little intimidating, you can cut it back to 3 x 3 miles or even 2 x 3 miles. Do them at your marathon pace or up to 5 seconds faster per mile. The short rest gives you a chance to regroup mentally but without your heart rate getting all the way back down to its resting state. Also- try to do this workout on the same sort of terrain you’ll face in your marathon.

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