Mini Meet Recap and Results


Women’s Mile | VIDEO

After beautiful pacing by Ben Bruce through 1k in 2:54, Lauren Paquette took over with Kellyn Taylor and Steph Bruce in tow. With one lap to go the trio came through at 3:29. Lauren began to create space with 200 to go and formed a gap that would not be closed. She won it in 4:35, with Kellyn in 4:36, and Steph in 4:38. At 4350 feet, those times convert to 4:30, 4:31, and 4:33. Very fast!!

Points after one event:

Team Carbon X (Lauren and Nick Hauger)- 3

Team Rocket X (Kellyn and Scott Smith)- 2

Team Clifton Edge (Steph and Rory Linkletter)- 1

Men’s Mile | VIDEO

Ben Bruce doubled back to pace the men through halfway in 2:05, a pace Rory Linkletter would keep up the rest of the way to get the win in 4:10. Nick came in a few ticks back in 4:14, while Scott Smith struggled home in 4:25. But the 2 x 400 would give him a chance at redemption…

Points after two events:

Team Carbon X (Lauren and Nick)- 5

Team Clifton Edge (Steph and Rory)- 4

Team Rocket X (Kellyn and Scott)- 3

2 x 400 Mixed Relay | VIDEO

This is what is was all about! Team Rocket X (aka the OGs, aka the almost masters team, aka team 68 years old between them) needed a win to get the overall meet victory. Team Clifton Edge was in the same boat. While Team Carbon X only needed a second-place finish to hold on to that oh-so-coveted first position. The women started things off with Lauren, Kellyn, and Steph coming through in that order with splits of 59, 60, and 61. Nick, who had asked his partner for a big lead beforehand held onto the top spot for 300 meters before Scott Smith came charging by. Rory ripped the last 100 and came by Nick but couldn’t get Scott. And thus…Team Rocket X won the meet!!

Points after three events:

Team Rocket X (Kellyn and Scott)- 9

Team Clifton Edge (Steph and Rory)- 8

Team Carbon X (Lauren and Nick)- 7

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